Pex Plumbing Suits

This is an evolving story, if you come across information, please let us know, we will post it here.  TPREIA cautions you to stay abreast of this and we know some inspectors who are declining to inspect homes equipped with PEX systems.

TPREIA is watching and gleaning information on the PEX fresh water line systems.  PEX is not new and has been used in commercial applications for several years.

 When the residential builders experienced a rise in copper pricing in 2006, they looked to other avenues to keep their costs down.  One was PEX.

 While PEX is innovative and much better that the polybutylene systems of the 1970's-80s, the connections remain in question.

 The class action suites indicate the connectors are the problems.

The PEX website is

    Print and read the installation and consumers manuals, they have 'need to know' information.

A TPREIA inquiry to PEX regarding the suites netted no responses.

The response from the International Code Council, regarding the issues with PEX, is reprinted here:

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From: Fred Grable
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 7:50 AM
To: Lis Valdemarsen
Subject: RE: 03 IPC PEX


ICC appreciates you taking the time to ask questions through our Code
Interpretation website link. However, your request is not for an
interpretation of code language and as such, we cannot offer any
opinions that are not directly related to you having better
understanding of the published code language.

For your general information, PEX piping has been listed as an approved
water distribution pipe material since the 1993 edition of the BOCA
National Plumbing Code (one of the legacy codes of the International
Plumbing Code)

I suggest that you contact the Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association
(PPFA) for more information on the subject you have asked about.


Fred Grable, P.E.
Staff Engineer
Codes and Standards Dept.
International Code Council
PH: 1.888.422.7233  ext 4359
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I have forwarded your request to Fred Grable.

If you have any questions regarding the status of your reply to your
code opinion question, please contact me by either phone or email.


Lis Valdemarsen
Administrative Assistant
International Code Council, Inc.
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Phone: (562) 699-0541  ext 3201
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For code questions go to the ICC website,

The Plan Review Services of ICC is ready and available to serve you for
all of your plan review needs.  Please contact us at 888/ ICCSAFE or
visit the ICC website for further information or assistance.

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Subject: 03 IPC PEX

This information was just submitted via the ICC site:

Member Information:

  Member Name:      Cothran Michael L
  Member Number:    5142586
  Contact Name:     Mike
  Address:          20138 Cottonglade
  City, ST Zip:     Humble Texas  77338
  Phone:            281-446-4381

Code Question:

  Code Edition:     2003
  Code Section:     Plumbing
  Code Question:
  I understand that ICC has included PEX fresh water piping and
connectors into the code (correct me if I am wrong).  Recent class
action suits
are pending now (urls included). , , ,
I would like to know the ICC view of PEX at this juncture and what (if
any) future actions or studies are pending.
Mike Cothran


The urls for PEX suites are:

PEX News from California who is trying to exclude PEX from use in California

PEX Makers Win Lawsuit vs. California

 By Kelly Faloon

Posted: February 2, 2003

 Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Dzintra Janavs, in response to a lawsuit filed by the Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association against the California Building Standards Commission and other state agencies, ordered the inclusion of PEX plastic pipe into the California Plumbing Code. The judge agreed that the state agencies had acted in an "arbitrary and capricious" manner in excluding PEX from the state's plumbing code.

 The suit was filed on behalf of PEX pipe manufacturers and PPFA members Vanguard Industries, Uponor Wirsbo and Zurn PEX Plumbing and Radiant Heating Systems (formerly Qest Hydronics). It sought to overturn California 's adoption of an updated plumbing code on May 2, 2002, which deleted PEX from the code pending an environmental review in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act.

In a decision handed down in late December, the judge found that the California

Environmental Quality Act could not be used to exclude PEX because PEX is a "product" and not a "project" under state law.

 But the industry isn't out of the woods yet. There is potential for an appeal by the  building commission and the five state agencies that advise it on code adoption - the Department of Housing and Community Development, the Division of the State Architect, the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, the Department of Health Services and the Department of Food and Agriculture.

 “There is no indication at this time that they will appeal the ruling”, said Dick

Church, executive director of the PPFA.

 The California Department of Housing and Community Development's Chief

Counsel Richard Friedman said that no appeal decision has been made yet. The agencies have 60 days from the official judgment to file an appeal.

PEX Attorney Letter

PEX Lawsuit