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IAC Meeting -- 02/26/2018
10:00 AM

Special Note
Attendance at this meeting is rewarded with 2 CE credit hours.
Make it pay to show up while having a chance to learn more about the IAC process as well as a chance to voice your opinion on matters before the IAC.

The IAC is meeting on Monday to continue discussions including the misguided plan to remove attorney's fees from inspectors E & O coverage.
Any inspectors not having knowledge of the subject, should remember the adage "We did not know what we had till it was gone."

Action Items
1.  Know and understand the following information and the related links/documents.
2.  Know how this will negatively affect the end consumer.
3.  Know how this will negatively affect our professional industry.
4.  Know there is no insurance provider currently writing this policy nor willing to provide this policy/coverage.
5. Visit Sunset Commission site to add comments regarding moving inspector oversight from TREC to TDLR to remove the current conflict of interest of TREC oversight.
6.  Plan to attend the IAC meeting
7.  Attend the meeting in numbers, cordially and professionally.

A few thoughts

  1. Link up with fellow inspectors  to discuss this heavy subject up for  vote, which will have a major impact on the industry and very likely our numbers.
    Select the Member Resources (tab)>>Member Directory
  2. Talk with your trusted agents to ensure they know and understand what this will mean to the industry.


TPREIA Response

Sunset Commission Review of TREC