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After the inspection process is over, the inspection report can be used in many different ways. Here are just a few ways that you can benefit from using the information on your report.

  1. Your report allows you to make an informed decision regarding purchase of the property. Your report allows you to review necessary deficiencies and to obtain cost estimates needed on the property before you purchase.

  2. Your report will help you see items that need immediate repairs, safety concerns and other deficiencies that may be able to be scheduled after moving into the home.

  3. You can utilize your report contents to perform desired upgrades to your property. This will maintain your property's value and often enhances safety issues.

  4. Your report may list items as deficiencies that could include maintenance issues. By taking care of these types of deficiencies,  you are maintaining your property, reducing future repair expenses and preventing small issues from becoming large costly issues.

  5. Some insurance companies require inspection reports for granting homeowners insurance.