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Date: 2/7/2019
Subject: The Professional Inspector - Feb 2019
From: Brenda Roebuck

The Professional Inspector

Mission Statement

  • Advance the Texas Real Estate Inspection industry
  • Recognize and promote Real Estate Inspection as a distinct profession
  • Provide leadership through education
  • Maintain the highest ethical and technical standards
  • Enhance consumer protection
  • Promote public awareness of the Industry and the Association

February 2, 2019

From the Desk of the Executive Director:

Fellow Texas Inspectors:

2019 is off to a great start. The TPREIA Board of Directors met on January 19, 2019 to review 2018 and to look forward to 2019.  The TPREIA family has grown rapidly over the past year, our membership is currently just shy of 1300. 

Everything Is Local

The importance of local Chapters cannot be stressed enough.  TPREIA Chapters are the legs that move the body (Association) forward.

As current TPREIA President and Executive Director, I want to say how proud and thankful we are of our Inspector members willing to give time and knowledge to other Inspectors to build a strong and professional industry.

On behalf of the TPREIA Board of Directors, Thank you!

We currently have 9 Chapters across Texas with 2-3 additional of scheduled in 2019. 

Please let the State Chapter Development Committee know if there is not a Chapter in your area, consider building a TPREIA family in your area, the TPREIA Board of Directors are always ready to help.

Chapter BoD

Each position on a board at the local level is so important to the overall success of the Chapters including the local group served, serving others is one of the most rewarding things one can do.  If you have wanted to work within this great family, there is always an opportunity. 

New Look/New System

Last year we introduced a new TPREIA website, including a robust association management system.  We worked hard in 2018 to build the Website so members could join, pay dues, vote, blog, all online at their leisure.  The focus in 2019 will be on Public Relations, we will be working with the Chapter’s PR Directors to build a strong name recognition of the TPREIA name as well as a strong Inspector Finder so Buyers/Sellers will be able to find an Inspector on our Website for their inspection needs.  Randy Ryden is the TPREIA Vice-President of Public Relations for 2019-2020.

2019 Annual Conference

The Annual Conference this year will be September 26-28, 2019 at the Brazos County Expo Center.  Please make your plans to attend.  Information on Educational Classes, Speakers and Vendors will be sent out in March through May.  We will be sending out the names of the hotels that we are working with and the discounted rate in March, please book early.

Brenda Roebuck
Executive Director

Public Relations... Looking forward in 2019

Without a doubt TPREIA is the best group with the most educated, experienced and professionals in the inspection industry, bar none! The best part is that so many of our inspectors, engineers and affiliates are willing to give back and share their knowledge within TPREIA.


As with any professional inspection organization, TPREIA’s name recognition is lacking outside of the inspection industry.  Membership involvement at all levels is important to improve in this area.

How many R.E. agents out of a hundred know any of the following:?
- Have "heard of TPREIA"
- Can define the acronym
- Know our web address

PR defined-"the state of the relationship between the public and an organization."

Many of our members run into the same blank stares from real estate agents when explaining "I am a TPREIA Professional Inspector"(or anything along these lines).

The majority of real estate professionals and the general public have no knowledge of our fine organization and the strides made to improve the industry in furthering protection for the public and the real estate industry. With your help we will change this in 2019.

Our Facebook pages are doing fantastic! If you haven’t logged in to view some of the discussions going on, then you are really missing it! Check us out at We also have multiple Facebook pages for our members to use for the chapters and for a Buy/Sell or Trade of Inspector’s tools and miscellaneous items.

The Plan(briefly)
Have a coordinated Public Relation push at the statewide and local levels.While this is in the developmental stages, we welcome your input, suggestions and ideals. Send your comments to or send a message to the current PR Committee members.

While this is not a short-term "advertising" plan, this will be long-term and on-going activity. Remember the adage"When should the Inspector advertise his/her business?”Answer: ALL THE TIME!

Public Relations is  longer term and greater scope than advertising and/or marketing; however, our efforts will pay dividends to our members and our industry, both in the short and long-term.

Next Steps

  • TPREIA PR committee will continue to develop the plans and are asking for your support and contribution.
  • TPREIA PR committee and chapter PR contacts will work closely to ensure an effective roll-out for this program. We ask for our chapters and members cooperation and help in developing this plan to benefit our associations membership.
  • All members are invited to participate in our committee, contact me at if you want to help in the steering committee.

We all need to remember Public Relations is just like Membership;

"It is everyone's job"

Randy Ryden
V. P. of Public Relations

Clay Collins is the State Membership Director
Contact Clay for Membership inquiries and questions.
(713) 503-1820

Derrick McMullen is the State Education Director
Contact Derrick for Education inquiries and questions.
(713) 870-9801

John Vaden is the State Board Director in charge of Chapter Development
Contact John for Chapter Develop inquiries and questions.


Member Videos:

John Vaden shares his video:

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