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What Does An Inspector See That Others Do Not?

Apparently, you have decided there is something you love about a home or you would not be considering the expense of hiring an inspector. You can already see yourself living in the home. You can see your furniture properly arranged and you have already planned your house-warming party. There may even be some more mundane things you've considered, like fireplaces, hot-tubs, lighting, and kitchen layout.

Home inspectors are trained to scrutinize the components of a home that you have not considered. If you are to live in a home, you must be aware of the cost of properly maintaining the home to keep it running efficiently. You must know if there are any safety hazards you have not considered. You must know the condition of all installed appliances so that you can include them in the cost of normal monthly maintenance or even replacement.

Knowing these things can mean a great deal to you during your purchase contract negotiations as well as your projected living budget. There's also the headache factor.