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About TPREIA Inspectors

The Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association (TPREIA) is Texas' most esteemed professional and ethical Association of Real Estate Inspectors. TPREIA is a voluntary, non-profit organization of Texas State Licensed Real Estate Inspectors. Our Members are an elite group of Texas Inspectors. TPREIA should be your FIRST choice for locating a qualified Inspector.

TPREIA's goals are to enhance consumer protection and promote public awareness about the inspection industry by providing leadership through professional education and training to maintain the highest of ethical and technical standards. We provide a selection of training and educational programs including monthly Chapter meetings, educational conferences, public awareness press releases, technical bulletin boards and outstanding vendor resources. Whether you're a Home Buyer, Seller, Real Estate Professional, Real Estate Investor, Builder, Commercial Agent or an Inspector, you're certain to recognize the value of working with a TPREIA Member; qualified, trained and experienced Inspectors from across Texas.  TPREIA Inspectors stand out as true professionals and offer superior customer service with each transaction. TPREIA Members are required to maintain a greater number of continuing education hours each year than is required by the State; we want to exceed your expectations.

TPREIA Membership includes inspectors that are State Licensed Inspectors, International Building Code Certified Inspectors, Commercial Inspectors, Multi-Family Property Inspectors, Certified Thermography (Infrared) Inspectors, Licensed Mold Inspectors / Assessors, Air Quality Inspectors, Pest Control Inspectors, Foundation Inspectors, Professional Engineers and a variety of other qualified, trained and educated Professionals.  We invite you to check out the TPREIA Membership listing for additional information and a list of our outstanding members.

TPREIA is proud to announce that we work with Realtor Associations across the State of Texas by providing TREC approved MCE classes. These classes are designed and taught to assist Real Estate Professionals in learning more about inspections, what's included and what you should expect an Inspector to report under State Laws and the TREC Standard of Practice requirements for all licensed inspectors. Brokers and Association Educational Directors, call us for more details and or for a schedule of classes available in your area.

TPREIA is here to serve the Consumer.  Ask your Inspector if they are a member of TPREIA before you hire them.

Contact us at 832-499-9946 or email is at