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Published On 3/19/2018
A quick summary of the Commission Sunsetting process.
Every inspector should take the time to be versed on this process and knowledgeable of all that is at stake.
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Member Alerts

Published On 6/1/2019
As many of you are no doubt aware, the Inspection Agreement, that contract between you and your
customers is currently under the microscope at TREC. There was legislation pending this year that many
felt that TREC would use to curtail certain aspects of the Inspection Agreement. Whether or not that
happens remains to be seen. In the meantime, there are other very important things that should and
should not be in your Inspection Agreement. As the largest provider of Home Inspectors E & O in the
state of Texas, it follows that we likely get to see more claims than anyone else. Since we have our own
program, we also try to provide added value to the inspection industry.
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Member Resources

Published On 8/1/2019
What the inspector needs to know about spray foam attics
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Published On 7/1/2019
There is much more that can be taught about SPF in residential homes that can be shared in this column, so I am going to key on the most common red flags a home inspector needs to know. The worst-case scenario, an existing fuel-fired appliance home that has been retrofitted with SPF.
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Published On 10/26/2018
A brief history of Residential Wiring.
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Published On 9/17/2018
Questions are: When performing a one-year or eleven month warranty inspection, do we have to follow the TREC SoP’s? Do we have to use the TREC report format?
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Published On 9/17/2018
Can An Inspector Perform A Sewer Line Inspection?
Short Answer: NO
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