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TREC is changing the educational requirements

Bruce Carpenter

January 24, 2014


We hope that 2014 is going well for you and that your inspection business is brisk. In an effort to keep our Membership and Texas Licensed Inspectors updated with events at the TREC, I would like to share the following information with each of you

TREC is changing the educational requirements and using the previous Texas House Bill 2911 as a cleanup to make changes that affect each of you and TPREIA as a Trade Association. As TPREIA and InterNACHI Members are aware, we have attempted to provide FREE education to Texas Inspectors over our existence of six plus years. TPREIA's goals and commitment have always been to increase Inspectors knowledge and understanding on inspection matters. We have been able to provide you with some of the very best training while utilizing some of our qualified Inspector Members with expert teaching from various Manufacturers, Universities and Specialists from a variety of construction trades. This all is subject to change because of rule revisions and interpretations that the TREC is now implementing.

As a Non-Profit Trade Association, we have not fallen under the same rules as Proprietary Schools, but we are now being required to fall under revised rules and regulations that reflect what Proprietary schools have been following for years; Proprietary schools that charge their students or attendees for every class. TREC now requires every Instructor that teaches a continuing education class to become a TREC approved Instructor, of course there is a fee to become a TREC approved Instructor. Instructors from the Manufacturers, Specialist, Colleges, etc., anyone that teaches at least 50% of a continuing education class will be required to be a TREC Approved Instructor. I personally do not see any manufacturer or specialist even considering paying a fee to TREC in order to teach a class for Inspectors. Why would they? Does this help or hurt Texas Inspectors training and education? Why does our State Licensing Agency appear to be creating rules that could reduce the continuing education classes that is offered to Inspectors through non-profit Associations? Many TPREIA/InterNACHI Members exceed the number of hours required because TPREIA/InterNACHI provide many hours of continuing education free. Doesn't it make better sense that an Inspector be better educated? We certainly do not know the answer or understand TRECs actions.

Under the revised rules, Trade Associations will be required to pay a fee when submitting a course (class) application for TREC Approval. There is also a fee required to be a TREC Approved Provider of Inspector continued education (ICE).

This is just a few of the many changes that are happening right now in our industry and through our State licensing agency that you need to know about, it could change education in ways that will not be beneficial to Inspectors or the Consumer. We once again are asking for EVERY TREC Licensed Inspector to stand up and be heard. This is your industry and your voice needs to be heard.

The TREC Inspector Advisory Meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 3, 2014 at the TREC Building in Austin. The Education and Enforcement Sub-Committee meetings begin at 9:00 and the IAC meeting begins at 12:00. We are asking for as many Inspectors as possible to attend these meetings.

The Inspector Advisory Committee (IAC) serves in an advisory position to the TREC, they do not represent Inspectors. The Trade Associations represent the Inspector and it is our great honor to represent approximately half of the active Inspectors in the State of Texas. It is our opinion that the Inspector is the Consumer Protector, lets stand together for our Industry and for the consumer.

Best Regards,

Bruce Carpenter
TPREIA President

Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association (TPREIA)